Inclusive HealthTech

eVertice is a global multilingual health technology consulting group based in San Francisco USA and London, United Kingdom.


Our mission is to solve and tackle health and sciences many challenges that need new solutions. 

We leverage costs, time and quality by applying evidence based research and technology.


Our leadership is named on the list of Global Top 100 women in FemTech & HealthTech.



We are industry experts in health, technology, finance and law. All have a shared passion for better outcomes for people. Our group overall brings in over half a century of professional experience. Alvarez with 25+ years direct clinical patient evidence based academic health research experience in the US and Greenall with 30+ direct customer finance and technology experience in the UK. Both have worked and intersected with global companies amongst their professional careers. All are award winners in community work and the arts in San Francisco and London.


Our Services

Implement-Design-Deploy Health Technology Tools

Due Diligence Advisement-Capital Investment-legal-philanthropy


Research & Writing

Grants & Partnerships

"...innovator in cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness and health outcomes research.."

Gregory Molina

Program Administrator

Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics

University of Southern California

We Are Proud to Have Worked With

With Salesforce CRM we can answer the questions we need to validate decisions and grow our business.”, David Greenall

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